Saudi Emaar is involved in the mining, processing and international shipping and trade of industrial minerals including - but not limited to - Copper Cathodes, Copper Scrap, Aluminium, Ingots, Iron Ore.

Saudi Emaar has grown into one of the most diversified traders in high-value raw materials to the non-ferrous industry. Due to the extensive ground knowledge and relationship with the mine owners we are able to continuously supply premium grade mining products to our Global Clients.

We focus “QUALITY, SERVICE AND RELIABILITY”. A vision that we share with our customers and is built for them. It is the vision that has established a wonderful relationship between us.




We negotiate with production companies from Saudi Arabia we also import products from around the world.


Store & Unify


We inspect quality and we store products at our owned warehouse for better customer experience.




We operate efficent, safe and high-quality logistics. We move commodities by truck, rail or vessels in support of our core trading activities.