Saudi Emaar is one of the Saudi’s largest metals and mineral trader.

We are building global connectivity between miners, smelters, and refined metal fabricators: benefitting from economies of scale.

The main ferrous and non-ferrous metals are traded primarily on the commodity markets e.g. the Saudi Metal Exchange or Steel Index. Through one of its own companies the Saudi Emaar is in daily contact with these futures markets – for the benefit of customers and the Group. We use the latest communications technology, keep the customers informed of current prices and the latest market trends. We underwrite trading volumes by signing off-take agreements and developing downstream outlets. We form strategic alliances. We invest in infrastructure that streamlines and simplifies supply chains.
Import & Export

Investing on Efficient Trading

Built upon detailed market intelligence, over 10 years of success, with warehouse in Dammam and a shipping services, Saudi Emaar’s aim is to continue to grow with honesty and integrity proving to be an ethical and reliable partner. A strong balance sheet, corporate backing, a wealth of local and international knowledge, along with an experienced management team and entrepreneurial culture allows Saudi Emaar to provide excellent service to its global and specially Saudi Arabia client base.


We negotiate with production companies from Saudi Arabia we also import products from around the world.


We inspect quality and we store products at our owned warehouse for better customer experience.




We operate efficent, safe and high-quality logistics. We move commodities by truck, rail or vessels in support of our core trading activities.